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Wolf's Mouth - Sow, Plant, Maintain The collections

Wolf's Mouth - Sow, Plant, Maintain

Gueule de Loup, frosty, but warm! The mouth of a wolf is also known by this other surname "Mufles de lion" more often called snapdragon. It is a perennial, frosty plant, with warm colors, red, orange, fuschia, yellow…. the gueules de Loup offer a great diversity in the garden. They are bushy, erect or drooping.

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Perpetual leek - The collections

Perpetual leek -

Perennial leek or wild leek Perennial leek is a perennial plant that looks like a small leek, about the diameter of a pencil. It is a vegetable to be harvested during fall, winter and spring. The plant produces many shoots until they form quite dense clumps. Its cycle is quite unusual in the vegetable garden.

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Seafood Risotto - A Recipe The collections

Seafood Risotto - A Recipe

Risotto is a recipe from northern Italy, there are as many risottos (risotti) as there are ingredients or amateur cooks, as the adaptations are so widespread. It's true, risotto has become a real classic everywhere other than in Italy, a "best cooker". If its origin is Italian, from the north of Italy, over the evolution of our societies, thanks to the mixing of populations and origins.

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Tomato diseases - know, anticipate, cure The collections

Tomato diseases - know, anticipate, cure

Tomatoes are susceptible to many diseases, especially when the growing season is hot and especially humid. You know about downy mildew, one of the worst tomato diseases that affects other vegetables as well. This disease can wipe out your crops. This is also true for powdery mildew which can lead to the same consequences.

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