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Manfreda undulata New

Manfreda undulata

Scientific NameManfreda undulata (Klotzsch) RoseSynonymsAgave undulata (basionym), Agave drimiifoliaScientific ClassificationFamily: AsparagaceaeSubfamily: AgavoideaeGenus: ManfredaDescriptionManfreda undulata it is a small, low-growing plant, forming a rosette up to 4 inches (10 cm) tall and up to 2 feet (60 cm) wide.

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Dendrobium nobile orchid New

Dendrobium nobile orchid

The genus of orchids Dendrobium includes a huge variety of subgroups that differ from each other in appearance, size and arrangement of flowers, growth characteristics and rules of care. An important place among them is occupied by such a subspecies as Dendrobium nobile. Its name literally translates as "Noble Orchid", which is quite consistent with its appearance and sophisticated aroma.

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Parasite of spruce Information

Parasite of spruce

Domanda : Parassita dell& 39;abete rossoSalve a tutti! Sto abbattendo un abete rosso in quanto morto. Tagliando i rami, mi sono reso conto che questi e il tronco, sono completamente bucherellati da fori più o meno grossi. Mi sapete spiegare da chi sono prodotti? Credo proprio siano la causa della morte della pianta in quanto ne è completamente ricoperta!

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Valyok: amazing pear-flavored nutmeg Collections

Valyok: amazing pear-flavored nutmeg

Among the variety of grape varieties, it is not easy to choose the one that will really live up to expectations and will settle in the garden for years to come. Valyok can become such a variety - very early, fruitful, disease-resistant, frost-resistant, with excellent original taste - it is a worthy contender for the title of an ideal variety.

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Best way to clean landscape gravel Information

Best way to clean landscape gravel

Quality landscaping materials. We offer a large selection of rock, shredded barks including natural, cedar, The best way to use this calculator is to. Place mulch over the top of the landscaping fabric before adding the gravel to strengthen the weed control further.

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